Inch Loss Body Wrap

A safe & effective way of temporary slimming. A body wrap treatment helps you to instantly impress with a slimmer looking figure and helps to boost a weight loss programme. Using either the specially formulated Quickslim or Shrinking Violet product range, it is effective in creating inch loss, detoxification, improved skin texture and contouring of the body, along with anti-cellulite properties. Perfect in preparation for a special event.



Treat yourself to a slimmer looking figure and enjoy the many benefits of this luxury treatment, including:


Instant inch loss


Detoxification of the body


Improved skin texture & body contouring


Anti-cellulite properties


Nourishes & refreshes  the skin

Pre/Post Treatment Advice:


Pre Treatment:

Avoid eating a heavy meal before your treatment

Please wear old underwear to prevent any gel transferring on to underwear (although disposable pants are available if preffered)


Post Treatment:

Drink plenty of water


Avoid, tea, coffee & other caffeine products


Eat light meals


Make time to relax


Not to shower for 24 hours if using the Shrinking Violet product range to allow the oils to absorb into the skin


Try to eat a detox diet for 5 days to allow further release of toxins


What is involved?

During a body wrap treatment, the first step is to take the clients measurements for later evaluation. Then the therapist will use a dry brush exfoliation technique to the areas being treated. The specially formulated oil or gel is then applied to the body and wrapped in cling film or bandages depending on the product being used. the client is then required to lie down upon a heated blanket and covered with a duvet and left to relax for around 60 minutes. the bandgaes are then removed revealing the new slimmer you! the therapist will then take your measurements again to evaluate how much inch loss has occurred.  if using the Quickslim product, the therapist will then remove the excess gel with damp heated gloves and will apply a body oil to nourish & moisturise your skin.

Please Note: A consultation is required prior to Treatment


Quickslim Body Wrap: Only £30

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap: Only £60

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