A heavenly & natural treatment using a special blend of essential oils which help calm your mind and allow tension to slip away/ this deeply relaxing therapy works with the natural energy flow within your body & consists of a therapeutic massage focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and scalp which eases muscle aches & helps stimulate hair growth. it concludes with a mini facial pressure point massage which helps minimise fine lines & helps replenish your skin. this is the perfect treatment for feeling rejuvenated & treats not only your body, but your mind & soul...



The massage soothes and relaxes the mind as well as helping physical ailments such as:


Stress & anxiety


Headaches & migraines


Joint & muscular problems


High blood pressure


Eye strain




Sleep disorders/ Insomnia


Stimulation of Hair growth

Pre/Post Treatment Advice:


Pre-Treatment Advice


To benefit fully from the facial massage avoid wearing make-up, enabling the use of oil


Avoid eating a large meal before receiving a massage


Avoid alcohol and stimulants before receiving a massage




Post-Treatment Advice


Drink plenty of water, fruit & herbal teas to aid the elimination of toxins


Avoid eating a large meal after a massage. Instead opt for a snack or light meal


Alcohol, drugs and caffeine should be avoided after receiving a massage treatment as their effects could be accelerated


Avoid strenuous exercise directly after a massage treatment; give your body time to rest

Indian Head Massage Treatment (45 Minutes): Only £25

Please Note: A consultation is required prior to Treatment

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Indian Head Massage

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