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Treat your tired feet and feel truly pampered with this luxury Pedicure Treatment, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth & moisturised. Using the specially formulated 'Nail Lux' product range featuring Lemon & Basil extracts, your feet will feel refreshed & like brand new.



Removal of hardened skin


Improved nail health


Cuticle removal


Prevention of ingrown toenails


Deep moisturising of dry skin


Relieves aching feet & stimulates circulation


Improved Appearance of feet & nails


Regular treatments will promote healthy feet & nails

What's involved?

Using the product range 'Nail Lux' which features Lemon & Basil extracts, this treatment consists of a soothing foot soak, exfoliation of dead skin cells & callas removal, Nail shaping, a foot mask, foot massage & heated boot treatment, concluding with the application of 'China Glaze' polish to the nails.

Pre/Post Treatment Advice:


Pre treatment advice:

Wear open toe shoes if possible to prevent chipping or smudging your newly polished nails.


To get maximum benefits, it is best if you arrive with unpolished nails, this enables the therapist to spend more time on your treatment.



Post Treatment Advice:

Leave adequate time for your nails to dry before applying shoes


Apply moisturiser daily


Massage cuticles with cuticle oil or cream


Use a non acetone polish remover


Dry feet thoroughly after bathing


Avoid using a metal nail file


Use a base coat of polish to prevent staining


Book in for regular treatments, roughly every 2-4 weeks for maximum results

Pedicure Treatment: Only £25

Luxury Pedicure: (Includes Parrafin wax Treatment): Only £30 **AVAILABLE SOON**


Please Note: A consultion is required prior to Treatment.