Aromatherapy Massage using specially blended oils for common complaints


Do you suffer from any of the following?


Cellulite - Varicose Veins - Dry skin/Eczema/Psoriasis - Problem Skin - Greasy Skin/Spots/Acne -

Muscular aches & Pains - Dermatitis - Ageing Skin - Stress Marks - Scars

If so we may have the perfect oil for you!

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Specialised Aromatherapy Blends

All of our oils contain nutritional coconut oil & the highest quality essential oils, specially blended & created to help with many common skin problems. so treat your skin to the TLC it deserves with one of our luxurious blends below.

Look and feel fabulous for only £40!

  • Black Pepper & Ginger (Perfect for muscular aches & pains)

Relieve tension with this spicy, specially created Massage oil. Featuring the warming & soothing effects of Black Pepper and Ginger, which help ease general aches & pains by acting as a muscle relaxant and helping to increase circulation. Blended with Ylang-Ylang & Coconut, this oil also acts as a tonic for the skin helping with common skin problems such as Acne, Varicose Veins & Cellulite by promoting the body to detox and self-heal. So if your body is in need of some stress relief then this is the perfect blend for you, leaving you feeling relaxed & tension free.


  • Juniper Berry & Lime (Perfect for the prevention & appearance of Cellulite)

Detoxify & revive your skin with this fruity Massage oil which acts as a tonic designed to help with many common skin complaints. This blend features Juniper Berry, Lime, Pine, Fennel, Thyme & Coconut and has anti-inflammatory, stimulating and detoxifying qualities which make this oil beneficial for Greasy Skin, Poor Circulation, Cellulite, Eczema & Psoriasis, whilst also helping with the prevention and appearance of wrinkles and improved muscle tone. So treat your skin to the TLC it deserves & look and feel fabulous.


  • Orange, Ylang-Ylang & Sandalwood (Perfect for Dry Skin)

Give your skin a moisture boost with this Massage oil featuring a beautiful fresh fragrance. This blend is designed to help rehydrate & rebalance dry and tired skin. Featuring Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Orange, Coconut & Sandalwood this blend can help with many problems such as Scars, Ezcema, Dermatitis, Wrinkles & Problem skin/Spots/Acne. It acts as a tonic, rebalancing, rehydrating and promoting cell regeneration, promoting the body detoxify and self-heal. So treat tired & dull skin to this uplifting blend, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.


  • Sweet Rosehip & Frankincense (Perfect for toning the skin)

Treat yourself to this luxurious Massage oil specially blended to help tone the skin. Featuring Rosehip Seed, Sweet Almond, Cypress, Geranium, Frankincense & Coconut, this blend is perfect for helping rehydrate, even the skin tone, correcting UV damage, Cellulite, ageing & toning of the skin by rebalancing and promoting cell renewal. The sweet floral fragrance will leave you feeling serene & rejuvenated whilst helping you look and feel firmer.

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Custom blended Oils & Lotions, tailor made to meet your own personal requirements are available to purchase after a consultation, for more information, please Contact Us.